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Please read what some of our customers are saying about us:

The following messages have been sent to us by some of our many customers.  They have been left virtually unedited....with the exception of the customer's initials replacing their real names.

As you read through them, you'll see why our customers keep coming back to us year after year!

I just wanted to relay the N. tetragona I ordered and received today was superb!  Having been Colorado Water Garden Society's annual plant sale chairman for 15 years I handled hundreds of waterlilies. Your waterlily would rate ahead of them all! Suffice it to say I was impressed.

Thank you and I hope to do business with you in the future.

C.T. of Colorado

Thank you.

I got my order and am very happy with it.  Hope to buy more soon.

L.S. of Tulsa, Oklahoma

I understand that the "Angel" wind chime is out of stock. I am willing to wait until it comes back in.  You may ship it to me then.

Thank you very much for the choice to substitute or not.  You have a great site!

J.S. of Ceres, California

Just dropping you a line to let you know I received my Arrowheads today. All of your plants are in my pond and look to be doing well. I would like to say that the pond is complete now, but we all know that it never really is.

Thank you again, I look forward to shopping with you again.

J.B. of Bellmawr, New Jersey


The chime I am looking for is called a "Kusari doi".  I have found it on a Japanese site but cannot find it anywhere in the states.  The name in English means "rain chimes".  I am home bound for health reasons and do most of my shopping on the Web.

Thank you so much for your reply. You would be amazed at how many companies do not. I will put your site in my "Shoppers" folder so when I need or want something else you offer I will  be back!

Thanks Again,


Just a note to let you know that the replacement plants arrived and the were in perfect condition.


R.C. of Chicago, Illinois

Thank you very much for sending my plants so quickly!  I have received them and they are in great shape - very healthy.  I will look forward to ordering more in the future.


S.K. of Baltimore, Maryland

Hello from Florida,

I recently ordered some plants from your store.  Just wanted to update you on there progress.  They have been in the pond for about a week now.  I recieved my free plant food just a couple days ago.  Man the plants are doing awsome.  They already have new growth, it is awsome.

You guys are really great.  Thank you for all the info you gave me.  I just ordered some plant food and some more anacharis from you.  Well just thought I would share that info with you.

Thanks again for all of your help.  I will be looking for my plants sometime next week.

J.M. of Naples, Florida

Thank you so much for your reponse.

Please understand that buying on the internet is new to me and I guess I don't know what to expect. Your prompt and courteous response is refreshing and greatly appreciated. Anytime I have a need for your products I will not hesitate to buy, or recommend to friends.

Thank you

J.P. of Meridian, Mississippi

You guys are really great.  Thank you for all of your help and your time taken with me last week regarding the plants and our pond.

Again, Thanks for your help!!!!!

D.M. of Cheltenham, Pennsylvania

Came home today to find the box on the hood of my truck with several letters under it.  I live on a farm in the country and the mail lady feels comfortable leaving things out in the open.  Bet she did not expect the rain shower we got.  It did not hurt your box and your box protected my letters.  All in all I got a good deal!


B.C. of Athens, Tennessee

Order finally arrived.  Waiting time (13 days from order) is long, but boy, is it worth the wait! Top quality plantings, excellent, helpful info., well-packaged order. You are the only place on the web with the variety I needed.

Thank you.

E.C. of Glencoe, Kentucky


I received the order on Monday, 9/24.  Thank you for the free plants, the cabomba is very attractive.  They look very healthy so I hope they do well.  I will probably order more in the spring, unless you think this time of year is okay to add new plants.  I just finished installing the pond this month.  It is small but very enjoyable!  I can't wait until spring.

Thanks again,

D.D. of Northfield Center, Ohio

Thank you so much.

I also talked to a fellow on the phone from your company and he was so nice. I will recommend you to everyone.

T.S. of Jeannette, Pennsylvania

I received my order Friday, Thank you for the great service.

R.S. of Temecula, California

Thanks for the duckweed and for suggestions on getting it settled in its new home.

A place has been reserved in the pond for Queen of Whites. It will be growing with "Attraction" and should look great.

S.C. of Baltimore, Maryland

Thanks for the merchandise (as ordered).  

My Mrs. Perry D. Slocom Lotus is growing like crazy and looks great.  I am going on a long vacation and hopefully I can get someone to take care of her while I am gone.  Can't wait to get some of my plants repotted to the no holes pots.  Will be shopping with you again.......

Thanks again,

J.H. of Sharpsburg, Georgia

I already receive the order in time.  The plants looks ok.  Immediatly I planted in the ponds with gravel.   I hope every thing goes right.  Thank you for your outstanding service.  I am gona keep you in mind for the future.

Thank you again.

P.C. of Hialeah, Florida

I received the lotus today.  The weather has been cool, great for shipping.  The tuber was in great shape.

Thank you.

A.W. of Fithian, Illinois

I want to thank you for your speedy shipment and the excellent quality of the plants. I will make sure that all my pond needs in the future come from you.

J.W. of Jackson, Michigan

I received my shipment of water plants today.  I just wanted to let you know that they were in wonderful condition.  We are in an area that has very little to choose from in the way of aquatic plants.

I found your site on the internet and am very glad that I did.  I have friends that are looking for a place to purchase high quality plants for their ponds.  I will share your contact information with them tomorrow.

Thanks again for your large selection and making sure that the plants arrived quickly and in superb condition.

A most satisfied customer,

A.O. of South Boston, Virginia

Thank you so much for your assistance--

I am quite new at this and need all the help I can get.  I really appreciate you sending me the extra bunch of cabomba also--it was very kind of you.  I look forward to ordering more plants and supplies in the future.

Thanks again.

R.H. of Catonsville, Maryland


I need the plants as a gift for a party this coming weekend.  Please let me know if they can't be shipped till next week or are not available and perhaps I will change my order.  Thanks,  M. G.

Just wanted to thank you for your prompt service. My plants arrived in plenty of time for my friends 80th birthday party and they looked great too.

Thanks again for going out of your way for me.

M.G. of Alfred, Maine


I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the plants that I have rec'd from your "store".  I just got some more today and they look great.  I will definitly recommend your website to anyone looking for quality plants and supplies.  

Thanks again.

J.H. of Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Thanks so much.  

You people have excellent follow-up email.  I have an online business too and I do the same, but it is rare to get the kind of service we give our customers.  


J.R. of Milpitas, California

Ponds, Plants and More -

I found my way to your invasive plant page and your notice to visitors warning of invasive plants. I highly commend your effort to educate the public on this important issue. Your page that explains the problem is more complete than what is found on most web sites.

I'm accepting your invitation to inform you of more invasive plants that are not on your list. As a horticulturist and professional garden writer, I recently visited the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Aquatic Plant Research Station in Lewisville, TX. Their research centers on invasive aquatics and how to repair and prevent the damage they do in public waterways. During my visit I met Giant Salvinia (Salvinia molesta) which they described as "the worst weed in the world."  I was also told that all species of Salvinia are on the Federal Invasive Plant List, a list managed by the U.S.D.A. I noticed that your list does not include a listing of Federal invasives, which is a list of species that are so bad that they are not allowed anywhere - Federal law prohibits ownership or transport of these species in any of the 50 states. Eurasian Watermilfoil is also missing from your list.

If you need more info on these Federal plants, I'd be glad to send you more information, or you may wish to research it on your own.  Most people have never seen it - let's hope they never do except in photos.

Once again, I commend your leadership in this area. As a dealer in aquatic plants, your impact can be significant.

Thanks for listening.

L.M. of Dallas, Texas

Our response:

Hi L.M.,

Thank you for your comments about our "Prohibited Plants" page on our web site.

Our information comes from the USDA "Plants Database", individual state's web pages, their regulators/legislators, etc.  As you may know, the web sites are not kept up to date.  Even the USDA site does not have the latest information posted on its web site.

We also receive information from various other news sources....magazines, newsletters and from those within our trade, most of which we must research again for ourselves.  It takes an enormous amount of our time, to research just one plant.

Our "Prohibited Plants" list is a short one, we know.  For now, the plants found on our list are only the aquatic plants that we sell.  In time we will add other aquatic plants that make the various lists.  We are aware of the many other plants that can be found on (both) the state and Federal lists....most of which are terrestrial plants, or non-aquatic.

As to the two plants that you mention below....we do not sell Salvinia molesta and Eurasian Watermilfoil, therefore they were kept out of our list.

We do sell Salvinia minima, which is currently prohibited in Texas, but to our knowledge is not on the federal list.  Four Salvinias that we know of, are on the list.   They are: Salvinia auriculata, Salvinia biloba, Salvinia herzogii and Salvinia molesta (all share the same common name of Giant Salvinia).  Here in the north, Salvinia is not that much of a problem, as it usually dies during our cold, winter months.

We also sell two watermilfoils:  Parrot Feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum) and Foxtail (Myriophyllum heterophyllum).  They are prohibited in some states (in which we do not sell them), but we have been unable to find them listed on the federal list.  

We assure you that once we find a plant is prohibited or is not permitted to be sold, either state-wide or nation-wide, we will not sell it in that state.

We are happy to receive any information regarding these (or other) prohibited plants and thank you for reminding us of the "Federal list" (a list which will be added to our site shortly).  We hope to add their pictures as well over the coming winter months.

Sincerely,    The name say's it all!!

     Your complete Online Watergarden and Gift Center!

Ponds plants and more.

I was very pleased to recieve my order so promptly, the plants were in excellent condition.  The plants and your service have been very good.  Thank you.

K.H. of Wayland, Michigan

Thank-you so much for the plants and the pond food.  The plants arrived in perfect condition, the newspaper was still wet :)  

I love your site and all the goodies you have too.  Thank-you once again

From a very happy shopper.

K.D. of El Cajon, California

To Whom It May Concern:

I just wanted to thank your company for the products you sent to me.  All of the plants I ordered from your company arrived healthy and are doing great, thanks!

L.E. of Boise, Idaho

Plants arrived  today in excellent condition.  Thank you.


J.S. of Media, Pennsylvania


Just wanted you to know we received the pond plants and how pleased we are with all of them.  We will defiantly order more in the future.  The plant food and the sensitive plant gift was so very nice of you.  We have been telling our friends about you're website so hope you get more orders.  You were very informative when I called to place my order and I thank you for you're time with a new water Gardner.

Thank you again,

R.B. of Mount Vernon, Illinois

Hi -

I would like to thank you for responding to my email.  It was much appreciated and the info you provided helped me too.  I'm glad to hear I made a good choice.  I will follow your suggestions - and I look forward to watching my plant thrive!

Thanks again -


Thank you

I have received all the packages .. I installed the fountain this past weekend, I could not be happier, it was simple to install and it looks wonderful ... The wife was ecstatic ...

Thanks again

E.C. of Palm Bay, FL

... it has been a pleasure to do business with you folks ...

E.C. of Palm Bay, FL

Thanks for the info.

Holding the plants until next month will be fine (but if you want to ship them sooner, that's okay, too).

By the way, thank you for the discount on my last order, to make up for the confusion over the fountain nozzle.  Thought that was very nice of you all and certainly was a factor in becoming a repeat customer.

Thanks again, and I look forward to receiving the plants next month.

C.W. of Albany, CA

Thanks for writing.

I really like how you do business and appreciate your courtesy and professionalism.  Not all plant sellers have these qualities and you really stand out among the others. I will do business with you again and won't hesitate to recommend you to my friends.


S.H. of Ringgold, GA

Thanks for your quick response.

When I need pond supplies, I will make sure that I check your website first.

B.M. of Huachuca City, AZ


Nice plants!

B.S. of Owensboro, KY

Thank you very much for the information.

I contacted the company and they will ship me the part I need for my discontinued pump.   You are awesome. I will remember you next time I need to order stuff for my pond.

F.K. of Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for your help.

I made contact with several pond supply places on line with the question about the 1250w vs the 100w deicers.  We had the 1250w deicer for four winters and decided it may have reached its useful life.  We didn't want to risk our koy with a deicer that was that old.

You guys were the only place that would respond to the question.  One company offered the 1250w item for $4.00 less.  But, I choose the company that responded to the question.

Thanks for your help!

R.S. of Steubenville, OH
PO Box 155
Bentleyville, PA  15314
Phone: 724-239-6673
[email protected]
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